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Notice to Indonesian FGL applicants planning to submit Ujian Nasional scores

  • You must contact the FGL office prior to May 23rd, 2016 if you plan to take the Ujian Nasional in April 2016 and submit your score as your national standardized examination result.
  • You must submit all required documents, other than the Ujian Nasional certificate, and complete your application by noon (Japan Standard Time) May 23, 2016. In the Certificate for Application Requirements (Part 1) section of the File Upload page on T-cens, please upload a letter (free format) explaining that you will submit the Ujian Nasional certificate by 5PM (JST) on May 27. This way, your application will be conditionally accepted.
  • You must submit the Ujian Nasional certificate issued by your high school to the FGL Undergraduate Admissions Office by 5PM (JST), May 27, 2016. In order to submit it, please replace the letter you uploaded with the Ujian Nasional certificate on T-cens, then click submit.
    • Please note that we will be unable to accept your application if you do not follow the above instructions.

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