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Tohoku University actively supports FGL students by providing scholarships and dormitory housing to those with exceptional academic abilities.

Tohoku University will recommend 10 students who achieve particularly excellent entrance examination results for the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship. Scholarship recipients will receive a monthly stipend of JPY 119,000 (estimated amount) for four years, from their enrollment until graduation.

Up to 20 successful applicants (excluding those who underwent the 2nd Stage Screening in Japan) who achieved outstanding entrance examination results, are of excellent character, and for whom studying poses economic hardships, are eligible for the Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students. Scholarship recipients will receive a monthly stipend of JPY 48,000 for half a year after they enroll.

About 20 enrollees will be selected for the President Fellowship, which awards a scholarship that covers examination, entrance, and tuition fees.  

Please note that this scholarship does not include a living stipend. Living expenses for 1st-year students in Sendai are about JPY 70,000-80,000 per month.

Scholarship Award

Details, RecipientsParticularly Outstanding Students (10), Japanese Government (MEXT) ScholarshipOutstanding Students (20), President Fellowship, MEXT Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students
Examination Fee JPY 5,000-Equivalent amount awarded
Entrance Fee JPY 282,000Upon EnrollingWaivedEquivalent amount awarded
Living StipendJPY 119,000/mo. x 12mos. x 4 yrs., economy air ticket to/from JapanNone
(MEXT Honors Scholarship JPY 48,000 x 6 mos.) 
(JPY 267,900 x 2 = JPY 535,800 per year)
1st yearWaivedEquivalent amount awarded
2nd year
3rd year
4th year

FGL undergraduate students are given preferential access to the University House Sanjo dormitory for their first two years. University House Sanjo rooms are furnished with desks and beds, and are inexpensive. More specific details will be given during the enrollment procedures.

Dormitory fees (rent + maintenance fees) are approximately JPY 19,000/month plus a deposit (JPY 30,000) upon moving in. You must pay these fees yourself. You will also be charged for utilities such as water, gas, etc. each month.

University House details can be found at the URLs below:

From your third year, you will have to live in a private apartment. Rent costs about JPY 30,000-60,000/month. You will also have to pay 1-3 months of rent as key money/deposit. The International Support Office can help you find a private apartment.

For information on private apartments, please see the TU Support Website.

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